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MAKNEE is user-friendly and safe tool to assess the health and quality of the knee joint. MAKNEE measures kinetics, acoustics and temperatures which can help to diagnose multiple knee disorders – such as osteoarthritis – at different stages. Rapid diagnosis can hinder the progression of joint diseases, as different instructions can be given to slow down the prognosis, reducing the pain of the damaged joint. MAKNEE can also monitor the effectiveness of rehabilitation and predict the progression of joint diseases.

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MAKNEE provides a safe and painless solution to evaluate the condition of the knee. The measuring device is placed firmly around the knee. Multiple easy tasks are then required to be performed by the patient, such as walking or bending the knee while sitting. During this test, the behaviors of the joints are evaluated and combined together to provide an overall assessment. Finally, the results of the analysis are provided through a software, giving an overview of the joint’s condition.




diagnosis of multiple knee disorders



enables early diagnosis without multiple doctor appointments and expensive medical examinations and imaging



user-friendly and fast testing



tested during clinical trials in hospitals, as an effective tool for diagnosing joints disorders



the device is external and does not harm the user



Osteoarthritis is the most common articular disease in the world. While the pain mostly occurs during movements at early stages, the severity of the disorder increases with time and the pain becomes chronic, even during resting times of the joint. Eventually, the pain affects the life of the person affected, inducing an inability to perform daily activities, or at least reducing them. In Finland, osteoarthritis is the cause of 6% of invalidity pensions and leads to more than 600 000 medical visits annually. The cost of osteoarthritis to society has been estimated at nearly one billion euros a year.


While our main focus has been addressed to the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, clinical trials are planned to further validate the potential of MAKNEE to detect other joint diseases. Beside osteoarthritis, We estimate that our device can also detect anterior cruciate ligament damage, tendonitis, other ligaments injury, meniscal tears, etc.


Simo Saarakkala

Simo Saarakkala

Lead researcher

Jérôme Thevenot

Jérôme Thevenot

Project manager

Aleksei Tiulpin

Aleksei Tiulpin


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Iivari Kanninen



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Slush 2017

30.11-1.12 MAKNEE is participating in the 2017 Slush event. Slush is the most important startup event in Europe, bringing together over 2,000 startup companies and over one thousand investors.

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Nestholma Oulu 2017

MAKNEE has been selected as a participant for the fourth Nestholma accelerator at Oulu. In Nestholma, the MAKNEE team develops its business and creates new relationships through networking.

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